What Is Single Sign On And Its Features

SSOSingle sign on

Single Sign On (SSO) provides the user the ability to enter the same username and password to log in to multiple related applications and web sites. Since using just passwords has become unsecure and prone to exploiting, single sign on evolved into reduced sign on (RSO) and more different types of validation are used.


If you log in using Single Sign On, with just username and pass you recieve access to several applications that contain low risk information. But if you try to access apps and information of higher risk classification for example financial info, SSO prompts you to use a more secure means of validation such as one-time passwords, biometric scans, smart cards etc.

Three distinct kinds of Single Sign-On services exist:

Windows integrated services enable you to connect to various apps from inside your network that SSOhave similar validation means. After your credentials are verified and you log into the network you gain access to actions that your user rights allow you.

Extranet services allow you to access various Web sites all around the Internet with one set of user credentials, for example ‘Log in with Facebook’ button that many web sites provide that allow you to sign in with your FB username and password.

With Intranet services you can integrate multiple apps in one enterprise environment. They might not share common validation mechanisms, but with use of middleware (Enterprise Single Sign-On) users within an enterprise can connect to them with the use of only one set of credentials, it also synchronizes passwords throughout user directories.

SSOThe Single Sign-On system is made up of:

1. Credential database, a SQL Server database with information regarding associating apps, and all the encrypted credentials connected to those applications.

2. Master secret server which is a server that houses the master secret which is transmitted to all other SSO servers.

3. One or more SSO servers that map connections from Windows to credentials and look them up from the Credential database.

There are several important benefits from Single Sign-On such as the capacity to administer single authorization and validation within an enterprise, inter-user audit sessions that enhance security while reporting. It also helps by making the developers work easier by not requiring them to know, comprehend and utilize ident security in their apps and of course the financial benefits are visible in terms of the password recovery and help desk fee reduction

What is Password Manager And Its Benefits

Password manager Even if we call them “passwords,” the safest passwords do not suppose to contain any dictionary words from any language. Why? Because hackers buy dictionaries with all the words from every culture on the planet in prevent to help them crack simple passwords. Sometimes adding a number or special character to a word is not helpful at all. It is possible for you to create a strong password out of words if you create it like a sentence or the other words – long password. On the other hand, some of the sites implement character limits in order to prevent you from making a sentence-long password. Strong passwords often use a random combination of numbers, letters and special characters, which makes them very hard to memorize. Even if you can memorize one or two, then you could be in temptation to use the same password for the different sites, which is obviously not a safe way to go.Password manager

Password Management Software: What are you looking for?

Here are some methods for determining the best password manager for your self. This approach is not complicated so much. You need to look at the features; the platforms of operating systems, help and support that customers are given.

Most of the password managers offer access from anywhere. Most of them can synchronize passwords and secure documents between all of your devices. On the other hand some can synchronize through a proprietary cloud. Some can synchronize through commercial storage clouds, such as Dropbox. A few of them support local synchronization without cloud participation. For that reason, if you want to control your data and avoid trusting the cloud, you need to pay attention to what a particular password manager supports.

Password manager A lot of password products have most features in common. All of the password organizers encrypt passwords, produce safe passwords and do not store master passwords anywhere. Some products lack frequent features. Some of them dose not automatically save any passwords. The others do not easily complete online forms. Some of them do not import passwords from opposing products. Some of them don’t support multifactor authentication methods.

Platforms can be operating systems, browsers and mobile devices. Features doesn’t mean nothing if they can not be run on your computer or phone. Some of the password savers are working with Windows only, while the others can work with Windows or Macs, or Linux machines. Some of them are limited to working with Internet Explorer. But most can work with Chrome, Firefox and Opera as well. All of the products support Android devices same as iPhones and iPads. A few support Blackberry and Windows Phone as well.

Help and Support
Usual perform for the password management product is to limit support access to email. On the other hand, there are a few that stick out by giving telephone access and 24/7 live chat. It is your decision which one you will prefer.

Secure Password Generator Apps

Secure Password Generator Apps Password security shouldn’t be taken nonchalantly. Security professional will confirm you that secure passwords must be difficult to guess and even more difficult to break by using brute force methods. The strongest password is suppose to be a series of random characters. In order to prevent your passwords from being hacked by social engineering, monster force or vocabulary attack method, you should pay attention on this things:

- Don’t use the same password for multiple significant accounts. Try to have more different passwords.

- Use a password which consist of at least 8 characters, and use it with one number, one capital letter and one special symbol. To prevent easy crack on your password try to have more complicated password which are hard to crack. That will provide you a great security.

- Don’t use any common names which can be found in your family, friends or pets. Try to have a Secure Password Generator Appspassword without name.

- Don’t use any postcodes, phone numbers, house numbers, birth dates, social security numbers and similar stuff in your passwords.

- Try not to use dictionary words in your passwords.

- Don’t let your Web browsers such as – Firefox, Chrome or Opera – to remember your passwords, since all passwords which are saved in Web browsers can be exposed easily.

- Don’t log into important accounts on the other computers, but your own. Or when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot or web proxy.

Secure Password Generator Apps- Don’t send any sensitive information online via HTTP connections, for the reason that messages in these connections can be sniffed with a small effort. Try to use encrypted connections like HTTPS and SFTP whenever is possible.

- Change your password often. You should do this frequently in order to keep your privacy safe.

- Don’t use any passwords that are based on private information that can be easily accessed or guessed.

Now after you have considered a password that is difficult to guess and you wrote it down, make sure not to leave it at someplace for people to find. Writing it down and leaving it just on your desk, next to your computer, or even worse, stick it to your computer, is making very easy for someone to find it and crack it, especially if that person has physical access to your office. Do not tell to anyone your passwords, and be aware for attackers trying to trick you through phone calls or common email messages which request you reveal your passwords

Single sing-on Using Nokia Account

single sign cloudNowadays, application of Cloud technology has enabled a whole new way antivirus protect PCs, tablets and smartphones. Now it is possible to stop viruses and spyware before they ever reach your computer and with the Smart Protection Network infrastructure, which “monitors “Internet twenty -four hours.

Protective cloud infrastructure stops threats in cyberspace based on the data continuously collected and analyzed, and when detecting viruses and others immediately blocked. Because the process takes place in the cloud, uses less memory and disk space single sign cloudof your computer so that it does not slow down. Antivirus software TrendMicro Titanium Maximum Security Administration uses this technology.

The advantage of this protection is that it allows the complete safety of children on the Internet, because they can be protected from inappropriate web sites, they may be limited by the time they spend on the internet and have access to reports on their activities while online. Also, this is a way to prevent hackers and spyware from stealing your personal information but also personal codes like numbers of your credit card, passwords of email addresses…

TrendMicro Titanium Maximum Security consists of antivirus software and licenses for its activation. To be used, it is first necessary activate antivirus license and download antivirus software.

Instructions for installation and use TrendMicro Titanium Maximum Security Antivirus 
titanium maximum security
To purchase antivirus license must be a registered SSO (Single -Sign -On) account. It is independent software system and kind of access control. Thanks to it user logs in just once and in that way user gains access to all systems. It reduces tour time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity, password fatigue (if you are tired of different user name and passwords).

More and more often we use our phones for everything, and that’s why single-on authentication has been developed using our smartphones. We have access to buildings control and computer systems using our phones.

NokiaNokia passes to a single sign-on experience using Nokia Account – by this account you will be able to access all Nokia Services, and Nokia Store, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, too, including Nokia Publish and Nokia Developer.

From 20 June 2012 it has needed a Nokia Account to login to the site. When you try to log in you’ll be guided to either link an existing account or to create a new one – either way the process is easy and painless. There is more information in the FAQ.